Safety, rules and regulations:

The Captain is the principal authority onboard and reserves the right to stop the trip at anytime and bring the vessel back to the dock to disembark guests at his/hers own discretion if the guests violate any of the safety rules stipulated by our charter. Furthermore, all trips are subject to cancellation/change on the weather.

While we encourage our guests to use the vessel’s washroom, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products must be disposed of in the provided garbage bin. We strongly advise against using onboard facilities for solid waste as septic systems on boats tend to clog and can not be repaired during the trip. So many times it will also damage the vessel septic system leading to expensive repairs.

All vessels have a zero tolerance policy against illicit substances.

Alcohol consumption: while the vessel crew wants all their guests to have a good time and enjoy a drink under the sun, disruptive intoxication, aggressive and/or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse boarding of any altered/intoxicated guest that might pose a risk to the safety and integrity of our guests, crew or our property.

While Cityscape Charters recognizes that pets may be an extended part of your family, for safety reasons, we can not allow any pet over 15lbs onboard. It is mandatory at the time of booking you indicate you are bringing your pet. You are responsible for bringing your own  mandatory pet lifejacket onboard.

Age restrictions: We welcome all ages, most of the crew members are parents themselves. However, you are responsible at the time of booking  to indicate the age of all minor guests so we can have lifejackets and safety equipment ready when you board the vessel. Please understand that we are not responsible for supervising any minors.

Guests are responsible for informing us, at the time of booking, of any medical conditions and allergies. For your peace of mind, our crew is trained and certified for Marine Emergency Duties (MED) A3.

Cityscape Charters does not assume any responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen personal belonging.

For everyone’s safety, guests are not permitted in the cockpit/Captain’s area (Helm).

For safety reasons, guests are only allowed to jump in the water after all engines are turned off and with the Captain’s permission.

If you see something out of the ordinary or concerning in or around the vessel, inform the crew immediately so they can have it assessed.

BBQ is only allowed while the vessel is anchored and the water is calm enough for a safe experience. Your Crew can help you set up your meal on the water.


Shoes OFF – it’s a customary whilst onboard to abide by the “bare feet rule”. High heels can damage upholstery and the teak decking areas whereas black soles can leave unsightly scuff marks. Socks may be slippery.

Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited on the vessel, except at the Captain’s discretion. Smoking could be permitted on the swim platform while the boat is not underway.

The use of the sleeping quarters in the vessel is reserved to the Crew for storage of their personal belongings and supplies. Guests are not allowed in that area.

Please understand for the safety of yourself and your guests do not bring any glass, if avoidable.