Frequently Asked Questions

For Our Toronto Boat Charters

  1. What should I bring?
    Bring a towel, sunscreen, sunhat, allergy medication and in case of inclement weather please bring proper attire as temperatures are cooler on the water.  When boating it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  2. What do you offer on your charter?
    All boats are equipped with ice filled coolers stocked with bottled water and disposable cups. We also offer a licensed catering menu for your convenience.
  3. Is it safe for kids?
    Yes, all children are required to wear life jackets while aboard our vessels.  Please specify age of children when booking so appropriate sizing is available.
  4. I’m having so much fun, can I extend my booking?
    Yes, subject to availability.
  5. Can I bring my pet?
    Yes but for safety reasons we only accept dogs under 15 lbs and you must notify us at the time of booking.
  6. Where will we go?
    On a typical day we would take you to the beach and anchor offshore.  We can take you around the island and inside the island channels for sightseeing.  Please note that all destinations are subject to weather and wind conditions.  Speak to your Captain to discuss other destinations or to plan a personalized itinerary.
  7. Can we make any stops?
    Yes but we are not permitted to stop at any docks other than our own.
  8. What does the catering Package include?
    We offer lavish charcuterie platters, fresh fruit and veggie dishes, crudités platters, sandwiches and our famous Brazilian B.B.Q. You can also bring your own preferred food. Check out our catering page
  9. Do you offer something like frequent “flyer” discount?
    Yes. Please check our promotions page. Click here
  10. Can I rent your boats with my own Captain?
    No, we are not a boat rental service and are not insured as such.  As a charter service our boats must be Captained by one of our licensed Captains.
  11. Do I have to tip the Captain/crew?
    Tips are not mandatory but always welcome.
  12. Are there any hidden extra charges? What will I end up paying?
    No hidden charges.  Our pricing is completely transparent.  We do, however, offer merchandise, food and drink during our charters that are incidental to the cost of your initial booking.
  1. Am I getting into a safe boat?
    All of our boats, crew and staff are fully licensed and subject to Transport Canada and Ontario regulations.
  2. How do I cure seasickness?
    Avoid going inside the cabin for prolonged periods of time and remain on the deck.  Focusing on the horizon is also helpful.  We offer complimentary motion sickness medication should you require it.
  3. Can we bring our own floaties?
    Yes. We have a float pump aboard.